Gassco Employee Survey 2018

This anonymity disclosure is a response to Gasscos' request for information on measures taken to safeguard anonymity throughout the employee survey process. Key features are listed below.

  • Hoff Høstmark uses EBHR for data collection, a site fully owned an operated by Hoff Høstmark. Respondents connection to our servers is encrypted, and only authorized employees can access the data.
  • Gassco has a data processing agreement with Hoff Høstmark, ensuring data is stored in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.
  • All respondents receive an individual e-mail invitation, with a personal link to respond to the survey. Reminders are administered automatically by the system, to respondents with unanswered or incomplete surveys.
  • All respondents are anonymous to anyone other than Hoff Høstmark employees (including Gassco). Respondents are not anonymous to Hoff Høstmark employees, to enable changes in groupings if necessary during data collection. Groupings are based on information submitted by Gassco during preparations. 
  • Data analysis is performed by competent consultants, who acknowledges their responsibilities as data processors. The open comment questions are analysed by Hoff Høstmark, and presented to Gassco thematically. Gassco does not have access to individual comments. 
  • Hoff Høstmark does not generate reports for units consisting of less than five respondents. The confidentiality level of five is in accordance with recommendations set by the Norwegian Association of Market Analysis and the European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).
  • All reported results are aggregated and presented as mean scores for each measurement topic, for each unit. This ensures that no individual respondent can be identified. Furthermore, visualisations of variance within units will not compromise anonymity. 
  • Reports are made available trough our online portal. The results portal is encrypted and password protected, ensuring no one other than intended individuals can access reports.
  • Should Gassco request output files for their own analyses, Hoff Høstmark will de-identify results before submitting any such files.